CRIM.628 Innovation and Leadership in Criminal justice

Innovation and Leadership in Criminal justice

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Min Credits 3
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This course critically examines one of the core concepts of criminology and criminal justice: change--at the individual, group, and organizational levels. There is a ´┐Żbrief history´┐Ż of change in police, court, and correctional organizations, focusing primarily on major reform initiatives and change strategies introduced by criminal justice managers over the past fifty years (e.g. in policing--problem-oriented and broken windows policing, in the courts--federal mandatory sentencing and parole abolition, specialized courts, and in corrections--the new techno-prison, privatization of institutional and community corrections, control-oriented community supervision). For each part of the criminal justice system, we examine the major types of change strategies employed by criminal justice managers to implement major reforms: empirical rational, normative re-educative, and power coercive strategies.