95.617 Advanced Quantum Mechanics I

Advanced Quantum Mechanics I

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
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Dirac equation as a single particle wave equation, free particle spinors and plane waves, matrices and relativistic covariance, nonrelativistic approximation and the fine-structure of the H atom. Quantization of the e.m. field in the coulomb gauge; interaction of an atom with the quantized radiation field; radiative transitions in atoms; Thomson scattering; classical and quantized Lagrangian field theory; symmetries and conservation laws: quantization of the real and complex Klein-Gordon field; Dirac Field and the covariant quantization of the e.m. field; Feynman propagators; the interaction picture and the S-matrix expansion in perturbation theory and the Wick's Rule. Feynman diagrams and rules for calculating S-matrix elements in QED; formulas for cross-section and spin and photon polarization sums; calculation of cross-sections for (1) e++e- l++ l - (2) e++e- e++e- (3) Compton scattering and (4) scattering of electrons by an external e.m. field.