92.519 Introduction to Probability and Statistics II

Introduction to Probability and Statistics II

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
Course ID 30831
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The course combines theory with applications and covers both fundamental topics in statistical inference and their applications in data analysis. Discussions of the theoretical topics of statistical estimation and hypotheses testing will be complemented by analyzing simulated and real data sets. The course is taught at the computer lab equipped with MINITAB, SAS and other packages. Students will learn how statistical theory helps using statistical software, how to choose the right tool for the problem at hand and how to interpret the output. Topics to be covered include point and interval estimation, hypotheses testing, maximum likelihood estimation, likelihood ratio and related tests, applications of statistical inference to commonly used statistical models, such as one-sample, two-sample and many-sample (ANOVA) models, linear regression models, goodness-of-fit tests and contingency tables, and elements of statistical quality control and experimental design. Time permitting, topics in nonparametric and robust statistics will also be covered. Pre-requisite; 92.386, 92.509 or equivalent.