64.681 Capstone II - New Venture Implementation

Capstone II - New Venture Implementation

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
Course ID 35582
Status Active

Capstone I-New Venture Planning (64.680) and Capstone II-New Venture Implementation (64.681) focus on technology commercialization, business planning and initial incubation of an early-stage business by project teams, and the development of an investment proposal to launch a new business. In Capstone I students will be exploring, identifying and analyzing the path �from Idea to Market� for technology and research projects. They will evaluate selected technology and research projects for commercial applications and explore different options available to productize and introduce these projects to market. Where appropriate, teams will complete a new venture business plan and launch a new business (Capstone II). These two courses together will comprise the M.S.I.T.E program Capstone experience and will require students to actually develop these commercialization projects. Each student team will be assigned to a faculty member(s) who will instruct and guide them throughout this process. Capstone II may only be taken by students in the M.S.I.T.E. program.

Pre/Co-Requisites: MSITE program OR permission of Graduate Coordinators.