36.770 Professional Intership and Seminar

Professional Intership and Seminar

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Min Credits 1
Max Credits 1
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A Professional Internship is required for students in the Professional Sciences Option of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Masters Program. It is expected to be a minimum of 350 hours and have 3-6 month duration. The internship is designed to provide students with an opportunity to obtain real-world experience in business, government agencies, non-profit organizations or research laboratories. Internships or research project experiences will typically take place in Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Biotechnological or Medical Device Companies or Institutions. Research experience can also be obtained at the University or other Research Centers. All students will be required to submit a final written report and give oral presentation on their work at a Seminar that all post-internship students participate in. To be eligible for the Professional Internship, students will be required to have 1) completed a minimum of 12.0 credits of STEM courses, 2) completed a minimum of 6.0 credits of PLUS courses, 3) attained an overall minimum GPA of 3.0, and 4) Department Permission.