24.510 Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
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This course will explore the various stages of the nuclear fuel cycle. The nuclear fuel cycle is broadly classified into three stages; front end, service stage, and back end. The course will introduce students to the various sub stages within the three broad stages of the nuclear fuel cycle. The course will explore the technology that is currently being used in these stages, then compare difference in approaches. Further modifications to the fuel cycle management will be discussed to make nuclear energy more sustainable. The course will provide an overview of front end fuel cycle including: mining, milling, enriching, fabrication; back end of the fuel cycle including: waste and recycling (or not); and in core fuel management, burnup calculations; and approaches to balance the cost of electricity production using nuclear reactors. The students will be introduced to nuclear burnup code such as ORIGEN. At the conclusion of the course students will be tasked to design and evaluate an aspect of the nuclear cycle that has been discussed in the class including but not limited to: enrichment plant, in-core fuel management, spent fuel management.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-Req: 10.331 or 24.331 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering I.