19.655 Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
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This course introduces students to the economic and policy aspects of environmental quality and natural resource issues. The course also incorporates relevant work-environment related issues. Simple and complex models are used to blend economic theory with environmental facts. Students will learn to derive policy insights form theoretical constructs. The primary objective is to show how the basic principles in economics can play a valuable role in analyzing and evaluating critical environmental issues and help in determining policy guidelines. Standard benefit cost of efficiency criteria will be applied to a wide variety of environmental, work-environment and natural resource problems. In attempting to do so we shall also emphasize how difficult it is to model actual environmental problems in the real world, We shall draw upon the basic tools of environmental and health economics to discuss current policy issues and questions that policy makers confront in practice. Graduate students in work environment will be required to do an economic analysis of an occupational health and safety intervention.