10.529 Recent Advances in Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry

Recent Advances in Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
Course ID 2915
Status Active

This course is designed to expose students to a variety of concepts in chemistry and challenge them to think critically about experiments used to interrogate these concepts. Organic polymer chemistry with an emphasis on electronically conducting polymers will be the main area of focus. Students would first be introduced to scientific subject matter outside their realm of familiarity and be expected to identify new concepts and links to existing experimental paradigms. The course is divided into 3 parts: (i)introduction to nanothehnology and green chemistry with a focus on nanoscale electronic polymers, (ii) green chemistry and the overlap area with nanotechnology, and (iii) green engineering.

Pre/Co-Requisites: Pre-Req: 84.121 Chemistry I, or equivalent.