08.654 Student Development & Leadership in Higher Education

Student Development & Leadership in Higher Education

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
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This course will examine the role of higher education in creating leaders for a diverse and democratic society Grounded in student development theory and practice, this course will engage participants in reflective and critical exploration of leadership theories, frameworks, concepts and skills that focus on social justice and purposeful change. The course is designed to provide foundational grounding in the study of leadership theory and research, with a focus on the leadership paradigms emphasizing transformation, collaboration and empowering group members in an effort to improve the world in which we live. During this course you will read current ideas about student development and the nature of leadership, you will engage in class activities and assignments which challenge you to think critically with multiple perspectives and frameworks and you will undertake a self-examination about who you are and what you believe as someone who will facilitate student development and leadership in student affairs and within higher education.