07.706 Intermediate/Advanced Data Analysis

Intermediate/Advanced Data Analysis

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Min Credits 3
Max Credits 3
Course ID 2841
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Mixed methods research and evaluation uses both quantitative and qualitative data and information to answer research and evaluation questions. Mixed methods research and evaluation integrates these two general methodologies to design more complete and powerful scholarship and produce more informative answers to research, instructional, and educational questions of both the formative and the summative kind. These questions may be research hypotheses, instructional program effects, or educational program and policy evaluations. This course is designed to meet the needs and goals of the students who enroll in it and is conducted by a learning contract model. Advanced univariate and multivariate design and statistical techniques will be selectively covered, including: meta-analysis, instrument design and development. It includes various qualitative techniques and analytical models, such as development and use of protocols, interviewing, content and discourse as well as text analysis, analytic and observational scoring procedures and systems, document analysis, policy analysis. Scholarly text development such as histories, white papers, or professional literature reviews will be included.