Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Environmental Geoscience Concentration

This concentration is aimed at students who have an interest in the physical environment, but desire a broader preparation than that of the traditional geology major. The concentration is centered around a strong geoscience core, but includes additional course work in the biological sciences, hydrogeology and hydrochemistry, and geographical information systems. Thus the student will not only be preparing for entry into the traditional areas of geological employment (petroleum and mining) but also for the expanding opportunities in hydrogeology, hazardous waste assessment and management, groundwater remediation, wetlands delineation and evaluation, and environmental management. This concentration is also recommended for students who might wish to obtain certification as earth science teachers.

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Graduates of this concentration are qualified for a number of different types of employment opportunities. Previous graduates have found employment in the petroleum industry, in asbestos identification and remediation, as analytical specialists in environmental testing laboratories, and in the field evaluating hazardous waste sites and ground and surface water contamination. This concentration also provides the requisite course work for students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in environmental science or geology.