Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Environmental Studies Concentration

The field of environmental science is interdisciplinary in nature. This concentration blends a strong science core with focused areas in the humanities/social sciences leading to a program of study that is compatible with the student's strengths and goals.  The science focus can be in either  biology or chemistry. The choice of a humanities/social sciences focus will depend on the student's interests.

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This concentration prepares the student for employment in the private and government sector, where knowledge is required in management and protection of the environment, environmental laws and regulations, natural resources, and environmental economics.  Graduates in this concentration can have a variety of career experiences.  Several are environmental lawyers.  Some are teachers.  Others work as environmental analysts, planners, water treatment operators, hydrological consultants, noise and air pollution specialists, and as managers in private industry and government.  This concentration will also prepare the student for graduate work in environmental science.