Forensic Science Option

The Forensic Option for of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry combines the application of the physical sciences to criminal investigations and offers students the opportunity for close collaboration between the University and the Community by providing needed expertise and resources while obtaining real world experiences.

Graduates of this program will receive an American Chemical Society certified degree in chemistry, enhancing their opportunities for gainful employment after graduation.

Freshman Year/Fall                      

84.105  Intro to the Discipline of Chemistry
84.121  Chemistry I                    
84.123  Chemistry I Lab                
           Gen Ed 1     
92.131  Calculus I   
42.101  College Writing I 

Freshman Year/Spring   

84.122  Chemistry I    
84.124  Chemistry II Lab  
44.101  The Criminal Justice System 
92.132  Calculus II    
42.102  College Writing II 

Sophomore Year/Fall

84.221  Organic Chemistry IA  
84.227  Organic Chemistry IA Lab 
44.243  Criminalistics I  
95.141  Physics I                      
96.141  Physics I Lab   
92.231  Calculus III    

Sophomore Year/Spring 

84.222  Organic Chemistry IIA 
84.229  Organic Chemistry IIA Lab
44.244  Criminalistics II  
95.144  Physics II    
96.144  Physics II Lab
84.260  Information Retrieval  
92.234  Differential Equations    

Junior Year/Fall 

84.313  Analytical Chemistry I 
84.315  Analytical Chemistry I Lab  Forensic Chemistry I  Forensic Chemistry I Lab 
          Gen Ed 2  Chemistry Elective  

Junior Year/Spring

84.314  Analytical Chemistry II  
84.316  Analytical Chemistry II Lab
84.360  The Responsible Chemist  Forensic Chemistry II  Forensic Chemistry II Lab 
          Gen Ed 3   
          Gen Ed 4   

Senior Year/Fall 

84.344  Physical Chemistry I 
84.346  Physical Chemistry I Lab
84.450  Biochemistry
81.111  Principles of Biology I  
81.113  Intro to Experimental Biology I 
84.443  Adv. Inorganic Chemistry

Senior Year/Spring 

92.283  Introduction to Statistics
84.345  Physical Chemistry II  Chemistry Elective 
          Gen Ed 5
          Gen Ed 6 Ethics

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