Biological Sciences

Bioinformatics Option

The rapidly expanding field of bioinformatics, which concerns the acquisition and analysis of biological data on a massive scale, requires biologists who are also well versed in computer science. Towards training these future multidisciplinary scientists, the Bioinformatics option offers a rigorous core of basic Biology and Computer Science courses, along with advanced courses in Bioinformatics and Biology electives. Computing I, II, and III are added to the Biology core required courses along with Genomics and Discrete Mathematics; Calculus for Life Sciences I is replaced by Calculus I and Calculus II. Students in the Bioinformatics Option will receive hands-on training in both the development and use of computational tools for analysis of diverse datasets, including genomic sequences, microarray comparisons, and protein structure/function interaction. The Option is ideally suited for students interested in future professional or academic careers in bioinformatics, comparative genomics, and biological database analysis and management.

Option Requirements (in addition to the core requirements)

Required Courses - 30 credits

81.432 Genomics 3 cr
81.434 Genomics Lab 1 cr
91.101 Computing I 4 cr
91.102 Computing II 4 cr
91.201 Computing III 4 cr
92.131 Calculus I (in place of 92.138) 4 cr
92.132 Calculus II 4 cr
92.321 Discrete Structures I 3 cr

Bioethics & Genetics Research (AHE)*

3 cr

*45.401 fulfills 1 GenEd Arts & Humanities as well as the Ethics requirement

Bioinformatics Computing Elective - 3 or 4 credits

91.204 Computing IV 4 cr
91.309 Databases I 3 cr


Analysis of Algorithms 3 cr

Bioinformatics Biology Electives – 10 to 11 credits

Complete three (3) 300 to 400 level biology lecture courses (“81” prefix), at least one (1) with the corresponding lab.  Although any course within the Biological Sciences may be selected, the following courses are considered most appropriate to this option:

81.426 Evolutionary Biology 3 cr
81.428 Molecular Biotechnology: Recombinant Protein Production 3 cr
81.442 Cell Biology 3 cr
81.465 Stem Cell Biology 3 cr
81.467 Molecular Biology 3 cr
81.472 Virology 3 cr
81.482 Cancer Biology 3 cr
81.488 Structural Biology 3 cr
81.490 Human Neurobiology 3 cr
81.493 Immunology 3 cr
81.495 Immunology Lab 2 cr
81.429 Recombinant Protein Production Techniques 4 cr
81.469 Molecular Biology Lab 4 cr
81.476 Cell Culture 4 cr
81.489 Practical Protein Crystallography 4 cr

View the complete Bioinformatics Option Curriculum Checksheet (pdf).