Undergraduate Policies

Off-Campus Study

Once students have matriculated at  the University of Massachusetts Lowell, they are expected to complete their coursework at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Such coursework may include credits earned through approved study-abroad programs.  In some cases, in order to clear a deficiency or to remain on track for graduation, a student may seek permission for off-campus study to take a course at another accredited institution. Even when authorization for off-campus study is granted, all students are required to fulfill their University of Massachusetts Lowell residency requirements.

Students wishing to apply credits earned off-campus must obtain approval prior to off-campus enrollment, through an Authorization of Off-Campus Courses form available in the Office of the Registrar.

Off-campus courses may be taken in regionally accredited institutions only, and ordinarily should be taken at baccalaureate colleges or universities. Permission to pursue off-campus courses in regionally accredited associate degree institutions may be granted to students for courses that are to be presented for lower-division requirements of University of Massachusetts Lowell curricula provided that such courses do not lead to a violation of the University Residency Requirements. All off-campus courses must be taken under the regular grading system and may not be taken on a pass-no credit (pass/fail) basis. 

To view the list of courses approved by departments for transfer into the University of Massachusetts Lowell, visit the Office of the Registrar's website (http://www.uml.edu/registrar/transfer/).

University Restrictions Concerning Off-Campus Study

Students are not permitted to pursue off-campus courses until an initial evaluation of their academic progress at the University has been made. Students must comply with current residency requirements. Students who combine University courses with off-campus courses during the regular academic year are subject to University restrictions on semester course loads.

Full-Time Off-Campus Study

Off-campus courses may be authorized on a full-time basis for those students who have completed (or who will complete prior to graduation) three years of full-time study at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (earning no fewer than 90 semester credits) and who wish to pursue a year abroad or who wish to complete a year as visiting students at another baccalaureate institution while completing a University of Massachusetts Lowell degree. Prior to departure, students planning to undertake full-time off-campus study should present to the dean of the college of their enrollment an academic petition that seeks authorization of the proposed course of study. Following a review of the petition and of the proposed course of study, the dean will endorse the petition, informing both the student and the Office of the Registrar of the acceptability of the course of study to the student’s degree program.

Since some colleges of the University do not permit full-time off-campus study, students should ascertain the policy of their college before pursuing arrangements with other institutions. Students who wish to pursue full-time off-campus studies are advised that they must satisfy academic and residency requirements concerning courses in the major field (cf. General Degree Requirements: Residency Requirements)