Financial Aid Policies

Payment, Refund and Waiver Policies

Policies concerning university fees are determined by the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees. Policies concerning room and meal plans are established by the Board of Trustees in conjunction with the UMass Building Authority and food vendor respectively.

Tuition and tuition waiver policies are established either by the General Court, the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education or the Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts as applicable.

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Policies below:

Payment of Bills

Students will be permitted to attend classes and to utilize University facilities only after they have cleared all their financial obligations to the University. Financial obligations in addition to tuition and fees include indebtedness for library fines, parking fines, rental payments, and repayment of emergency loans. All bills are payable on or before the due date indicated on student bills. Checks, money orders and major credit cards (Mastercard and VISA) are accepted. All payment of fees and tuition should be made payable directly to the University of Massachusetts Lowell. A student in debt to the University at the end of any semester or summer session is not permitted to register again at the University until his or her indebtedness has been discharged. Students are advised that the University utilizes the services of collection agencies authorized under the Commonwealth’s Master Service Agreement and where deemed warranted may include litigation. Students are held personally liable for associated collection costs in the event that their account is sent to a collection agency. In addition, official student transcripts and diplomas will not be released until all indebtedness has been discharged.

International Student Deposit

For students requiring a Form I-20, Certificate of Eligibility, a $4,000 prepayment of University tuition and fees must be received and credited to their student account before the form can be issued.

Bookstore Financial Aid Voucher Program

If anticipated financial aid exceeds a student’s financial obligation to the University and the student has been otherwise financially cleared, the Accounts Receivable Office can authorize a Bookstore Voucher to be used at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Bookstore for the purchase of text books and school supplies. At the end of the drop/add course enrollment period, bookstore purchases made through this program are charged directly to the student’s account and will be repaid using that student’s financial aid award(s). Should the actual financial aid award be reduced for any reason, the student becomes personally responsible for charges to the bookstore. If complete payment is not made, as with all charges, University services may be withheld, and the financial obligation will be sent to a collection agency. In such case, the student assumes responsibility for all associated collection costs.

Refund Policy

If a student officially withdraws on or before the tenth day of class, s/he will be entitled to a full refund.

  • Student health insurance (because the policy is held with an independent insurance company and remains in effect regardless of enrollment status).
  • Residence hall deposits (are forfeited when a student remains enrolled at the University but elects to leave the residence hall during the term).
  • Book vouchers (because the bookstore is an independent operator and students generally have the option of returning the materials purchased for a refund).

Note: Refunds will first be returned to applicable student financial assistance programs, consistent with the refund distribution prescribed by law and regulation, before any refund is disbursed to a student.

Please contact the Accounts Receivable Office for further details. Please note that the refund policy is also subject to change without notice.

Refund on Room Reservation Deposit

The $200 room reservation deposit reserves a space in the residence halls until occupancy and is applied to the spring semester room rental. This deposit is generally non-refundable except in the case of an academic dismissal or graduation from the University (see section below, Refund on Room Fees).

Refund on Room Fees

All cancellations of room contracts must be submitted, in writing, to the Office of Residence Life. In addition to forfeiting their room reservation deposit, students canceling their housing contract for reasons other than academic dismissal or graduation will be responsible for the room fees according to the following guidelines:

Resident Life

Residents required to leave the residence halls and/or the University due to judicial sanctions will not be granted a refund of their room fees.

The Office of Residence Life has a Housing Contract Appeals Board to hear appeals from students who request exemption from the above refund schedule. This Board consists of the Director of Residence Life, a professional Resident Director, a member of the University Life staff and the president of the Residence Hall Association. Students may appeal their exemption from charges due to military obligations, change in personal situation, family finances, financial aid, illness, or other extenuating circumstances as may be deemed appropriate by the Appeals Board. All appeals must be documented in writing for review by the Appeals Board. The finding of this Board can be appealed to the Dean of Students whose decision is final.