Sociology Major Requirements

Sociology majors must fulfill the following requirements:

  • 48.101 Introduction to Sociology or 48.102 Introduction to Social Anthropology
  • 48.321 Social Theory I
  • 48.322 Social Theory II
  • 48.402 Sociological Research I
  • 48.403 Sociological Research II
  • 48.4xx One other 400 level course excluding 48.496 Practicum

In addition, majors must complete at least 6 credits (two department courses) at the 300 level or above.

Between 12 and 21 credits (four to seven courses) in sociology may be completed at any level.

The maximum number of directed studies, theses and/or practica is 12 credits.

View the complete course of study (pdf).

Language Requirement

Sociology majors are required to evidence intermediate language proficiency and must satisfy this requirement by conforming to the guidelines outlined in the appropriate section of this document.

Note: Courses taken to satisfy the language requirement cannot be used to fulfill University General Education Requirements.

Unrestricted General Electives

Within the guidelines outlined in the appropriate section of this document, Sociology majors are required to complete their minimum total credit requirements for the degree in sociology (120 credits) by electing courses in other university academic departments.

Thesis Option

This involves advanced reading, research and analysis in selected topics in sociology. Students taking this option are strongly advised to do so in the fall semester of the senior year. No more than six credits can be taken for thesis. There will be two readers for the thesis, one of who will be the thesis advisor. Students will be asked to defend the thesis.

Transfer Students

Students transferring to the College and wishing to major in Sociology must make individual arrangements with the Department Chairperson regarding satisfaction of major course requirements.

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