Disability Studies Minor

People with disabilities (mental retardation, chronic mental illness, chronic physical disabilities resulting from both congenital and acquired injuries and diseases, autistic disorders, etc.) are among the most under-represented and under-served populations in the United States today.

This minor will offer students a unique opportunity to develop a richer understanding of what it means to live with a disability in the context of contemporary American society. The minor is anchored by a foundation of courses in Psychology, English and Sociology, and it also has a number of electives that allow students to see the links between disabilities and other diverse and marginalized groups (e.g., women, minorities) and to incorporate multiple perspectives (historical, political, economic, ethical). 


The Disability Studies minor is open to all undergraduates and consists of an interdisciplinary program of 18-24 credits of required and elective courses.

Required Course

47/59.363 Introduction to Disability Studies (also available on-line)

Select three courses from these six choices

42.258 Disability in Literature (AH)
47.362 Psychology of Developmental Disabilities
48.225 Sociology of Disability
59/47.480 Integrative Fieldwork in Disabilities I
59/47.481 Integrative Fieldwork in Disabilities II
41.250 Disability and the Law: Legal Rights of People with Disabilities (currently offered through Continuing Education).

Choose between 2-4 elective courses to reach 18-24 credits in the minor:

19.579 Disability Outcomes and Interventions
30.309 Universal Design in Health Promotion
30.320 Legal Issues in Nursing
31.201 Community Health & Environment 
34.510 Models and Measurement of Disability
38.315 Kinesiology (PT majors only)
44.546 Mental Health & Criminal Justice
46.218 Introduction to Politics and Sports
46.237 Civil Liberties Law and Politics 
46.347 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights  
47.272 Abnormal Psychology (SS)  
47.335 Psychology and Women (SSD) 
47.361 Developmental Psychopathology 
47.365 Psychology of Language 
47.561 Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism   
48.234 The Study of Minorities
48.240 Sociology of Gender
48.255 Sociology of Deviance (SS)
48.405 Feminist Methodologies  
49.305 Women, Minorities and Immigrants in the Labor Force
57.220 Designing the Future World  
57.353 Managing Workforce Diversity 


1) Any of the core courses can be used as electives instead of core courses as long as the student has at least three of the core courses. 
2) Students cannot use more than 9 credits in Psychology courses towards the minor.
3) 500-level courses only by permission of instructor.
4) Directed Study, Community Service Learning, and Independent Study courses may also be considered as electives in consultation with the coordinator of the minor. 

Students who seek further information are urged to consult with the Coordinator -Dr. Ashleigh Hillier, Health and Social Sciences Building, Room 301.