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Psychology Department

The Psychology Department is one of the largest and most active departments in the College and is an especially popular program for those interested in the social sciences. The faculty represents a blend of clinical, developmental, community, and experimental orientations. There is considerable interest in the application of psychological theory and research to global and community issues. The Department offers a major which leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree and also offers a Psychology Minor, an Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Minor, and a Specialization in Developmental Disabilities.

The Basis for Many Graduate Programs

The Psychology major augments the general liberal arts education and provides the basis for graduate training and careers in mental health, community development, education, research and business and industry. The Psychology curriculum emphasizes the importance of scientific methods and provides students with hands-on experience in designing and conducting their own research. It also acquaints students with the theoretical and empirical foundations of the major subfields of psychology (human development, basic processes, the social context,  and individual differences). It also emphasizes the applications of psychological knowledge and skills in many areas of human functioning. 

Get Involved, Get Ahead!

Students are encouraged to become involved in University and community programs and in supervised independent research. Each year the Department offers special awards to graduating seniors who have made outstanding achievements in scholarship, research, community service and leadership. In addition, the department is a member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology and holds an annual induction ceremony to honor new members.

The Psychology Department also offers a Master of Arts in Community and Social Psychology and Master of Science in Autism Studies.

Psychology Department Chairperson:
Health and Social Sciences Building (HSS) - Room 301