Music Studies Major

Admission Requirements

The Music Studies Program prepares students to enter our Master of Music in Teaching Program, which qualifies students for Initial Teacher Licensure through the Massachusetts Department of Education. The dual degree program prepares students to enter school teaching professions in music. The two programs require students to specialize in either instrumental or vocal/choral instruction, and both provide general music preparation.

1.  Though prospective Music Teaching Studies students may take some elective courses for their specialization in the freshman and sophomore years, admission to the program of professional studies requires formal application to the Coordinator of Music Education prior to the junior year but no later than upon completion of 60 credit hours;

2.  prospective music studies students must pass courses in music including Music Theory, Aural Skills, Conducting, Music History, Applied Music, and Ensembles;

3.  prospective music studies students must pass two semesters of College Writing with a grade of ‘C’ or better; and

4.  prospective music studies students must achieve a cumulative average of 2.750 or better overall and achieve the same cumulative average in the aggregate of music courses.

Retention Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum of 2.750 cumulative averages in all coursework attempted.

Application for Professional Certification

For students seeking teacher certification, a Master of Music in Teaching program that includes music education course work and then student teaching practicum is available at the University. Students may apply to this program immediately following completion of the undergraduate degree program or may seek early admission to the M.M. degree program during their senior year. Completion of the undergraduate program does not automatically lead to acceptance into the Master of Music degree program. Students who perform well in the undergraduate program will, however, be well prepared to meet the standards for admission into the University’s graduate program in Music Teaching.

Upon completion of the M.M. degree program, students may file an application to the Massachusetts Department of Education for initial certification at the advanced provisional stage. When the application materials are complete, the College of Arts and Sciences recommends the graduate for teaching certification and forwards these materials to the office of the Dean, Graduate School of Education. The School of Education forwards all teacher certification applications to the Massachusetts Department of Education which is solely responsible for granting certification. As of April 1998, candidates for certification will also be required to pass a test of communication and literacy skills and the appropriate subject test (music) before the certificate will be granted. Information on the Massachusetts Educators Certification Tests is available from the Massachusetts Department of Education or from National Evaluation Systems located in Hadley, MA.

Curriculum Options:

Instrumental Option (pdf)

Vocal Option (pdf)