Modern Languages

Modern Languages - French Option

The French concentration provides a broad liberal arts education for students interested in developing a proficiency in the French language, a general knowledge of the cultural and literary heritage of French civilization, and a basic insight into the function of verbal symbols in the process of human thought. This concentration provides students with sufficient preparation for a career in language teaching or bilingual education or for business or social-service careers requiring a command of the French language. A student may combine the French concentration with other supportive studies, thus tailoring an undergraduate program to meet his/her individual career objectives.

The major in Modern Languages - French consists of 36-45 credits (with at least 15 credits at the 300 course level or above) and normally will include a combination of 18 credits in language, 12 in literature courses and three credits in culture courses.

Additional coursework beyond the prescribed courses may be elected from the French offerings to a maximum of 45 credits.