College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Cultural Studies

Degree Programs in Modern Languages

The Department of Cultural Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (BA). There are three different options for this Major: Spanish, French/ Spanish and Italian/Spanish. The BA in Modern Languages provides students with the ability to function more effectively in the plurilingual and multicultural world we live in. The courses offer students the opportunity to acquire one or two second language(s) and to become aware of the cultures in which they flourish. Language courses offer an understanding of language as a system and a model of communication in its cultural context, in addition to providing skills in a number of languages. The specific areas of study for this degree include language, literature, civilization and culture. Internships, practicums, as well as many Study Abroad programs are available to help students develop an awareness of cultural diversity.

The Department of Cultural Studies also offers several Minors in languages or in language studies. The extensive list of minors available provide students with significant opportunities to take advantage of the fore mentioned benefits of Modern Languages, while allowing students to maintain another degree focus for their major.

Through the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, students may also pursue an optional interdisciplinary degree, Bachelor of Liberal Arts. While this program is not managed by the Department of Cultural Studies, there are many Bachelor of Liberal Arts concentrations that would provide students with exposure to the department’s course listings. Students are encouraged to research the program for more information.

For more information on test examination options for language credit: College Level Examination Program.

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