Interdisciplinary Programs & Minors

Work, Labor & Society Minor

Many aspects of our lives are influenced by what we do for work – how we spend our time, how much money we have, our lifestyle, and our leisure pursuits are all connected to our occupation. And work is not just an individual experience, but is deeply embedded in our social structure. Our labor market reflects and reproduces many societal inequalities, and at the same time workers united by their identity as workers have created lasting social change through the labor movement.

The interdisciplinary minor in Work, Labor and Society is intended to give students an analytic lens on work, something most of us take for granted as part of our everyday lives. The study of work is inherently interdisciplinary, and students in this program will be asked to reach beyond their own disciplinary boundaries to explore a range of approaches to the subject.


43.304  European Social and Economic History
43.432  Seminar: Lawrence Strike 
43.379  US Industry in the Twentieth Century
43.303  America in the Twenties and Thirties 
43.380  Work and Society 
43.316  American Environmental History 

Political Science 
46.397  Seminar: Labor Law and Politics
47.308  Industrial/Organizational Psychology
47.526  Workplace Diversity
48.341  Wealth, Status and Power
48.371  Sociology of Work
48.469  Seminar on Global Society
48.382  Social Movements
49.302  Labor Economics
57.545  Justice and Trade in the Global Economy
57.211  Sustainable Development
57.525  Gender, Work and Public Policy
57.503  Work and Technology
57.537  Development Principles for Developing Economies 
Political Science 
46.445  The Politics of Repression and Dissent

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