Interdisciplinary Programs & Minors

Latin American Studies Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Maria Matz - Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies
Office - Coburn Hall #113C
Phone 978-934-4364

Courses for a minor field in Latin American studies are selected in consultation with Professor Maria Matz of the Cultural Studies Department from a list of approved courses in history, economics, languages, and literature. Six credits at the 200 level or above are required for the Spanish language component. Coursework for the Latin American Studies minor must meet the following distribution requirement:

  • Spanish Language       6 cr.
  • History/Economics      6-9 cr.
  • Latin American Lit       6-9 cr.

At least six hours in non-language courses must be taken in course work at the 300 level or above.

Students majoring in Spanish or Modern Languages (with Spanish option) may elect the Latin American studies minor but may not offer any course in Spanish language or literature (prefix: 54) as part of the 18-24 semester credits

Course Listing Latin American Studies