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Italian Studies Minor

Contact: Department of Cultural Studies
Phone: 978-934-4701
Office: Coburn Hall 113

The interdisciplinary minor in Italian Studies consists of 18-24 credits of coursework. Six credits at the 200 level or above are required for the Italian language component. At least six credits at the 300 level or above must be taken outside of the Italian language component. For course descriptions, see the department listing as indicated next to the course title.

43.331 Renaissance and Reformation
52.310 Special Topics in Italian Studies
52.325 Italian American Literature and Culture
52.330 Italian Women Writers
52.335 Cinema and the Italian Americans
52.371 Dante's Divine Comedy
52.373 Italian Humanism
52.374 Classics of Italian Cinema
52.376 Pirandello: Theater and Influence
52.378 Italian Cinema and Culture
52.380 Italian Cinema: Directors and Themes
58.308 Art, Science and Technology in the Renaissance
58.321 Italian Renaissance Art
58.322 Baroque Art in Italy
58.330 Italian Mannerist Art

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