Interdisciplinary Programs & Minors

Cultural Studies Minor

Contact: Department of Cultural Studies
Phone: 978-934-4701
Office: Coburn Hall 113

The interdisciplinary minor in Cultural Studies requires 18-24 credits of coursework. At least six credits must be from courses which are numbered 300 or above. 

The courses offered in this program are interdisciplinary in their content and structure and explore a topic in greater depth and from broader perspectives than is ordinarily possible in other courses. Many courses are team-taught by faculty chosen from various academic departments and colleges within the University. Courses emphasize the sources (artistic, literary, philosophical, and historical) of the period studied and focus on the aspirations and achievements of our own civilization.

  • 59.110   Foundations of Cultural Studies
  • 59.205   Human Values in Western Culture I
  • 59.206   Human Values in Western Culture II
  • 59.208   Cultural Studies I
  • 59.209   Cultural Studies II
  • 59.248   Values in American Culture
  • 59.313   The Culture of Ancient Greece
  • 59.314   Society and Culture in the Early Middle Ages
  • 59.315   Islamic Culture and Medieval Europe
  • 59.320   16th Century Italian Culture
  • 59.323   Science and Medieval Europe
  • 59.330   17th Century European Culture

Additional Interdisciplinary and Intercollegiate Courses

Technology, Society, and Human Values

  • 59.303   Understanding Technological Risk
  • 59.309   The Engineer in Society
  • 59.321   Literature on Technology and Human Values

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