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Asian Studies Minor

Coordinator: George Chigas, Ph.D. 
Phone: 978-934-4341
Office: Coburn Hall 113B

Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that explores the complex interaction between artistic, cultural political, social, literary and religious spheres of life in Asia. Emphasis is placed not only on the diversity and achievements of Asian civilizations, but also on the ways an understanding of Asia may shed new light on western cultural traditions. Asian Studies encompasses the geographical areas of East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia and includes courses that address the Asian American experience. Asian Studies minor courses are based primarily in the humanities and social sciences; classes other than language courses are taught in English. The minor is open to all students.

Students selecting an Asian Studies Minor are required to complete 6 to 8 courses (18 to 24 credits) in two or more disciplines; 6 credits must be at the 300 levels or above.  Students are encouraged, but not required, to take an Asian language as part of the minor.

Cultural Studies Courses

53.135; 53.136; 53.235; 53.236   Cambodian Language and Culture (1 - 4)
53.493     Directed Study in Cambodian Culture 
53.105; 53.106; 53.205; 53.206 Chinese Language and Culture (1-4)
53.101; 53.102; 53.201; 53.202 Japanese Language and Culture (1-4)
53.491     Directed Study in Japanese Literature
53.492     Directed Study in Japanese Composition
58.205     Studies in World Art
58.331     Asian Art
59.105     Comparative Arts 

History Courses

43.204     China and the Modern World 
43.207     Women in China 
43.242     World War II
43.320     American East Asian Relations

Political Science Courses

46.316     Politics and Film 
46.348/59.349    Literature, Politics and Genocide in Cambodia 
46.361     Southeast Asian Politics 
46.363     Politics of China 
46.376     Democratic Movements in Southeast Asia
46.377     China and India in the Global Economy

Philosophy Courses

45.296     Introduction to World Religions
45.340     Mysticism East and West  
45.371     Buddhist and Zen Philosophy 


42.277     American Ethnic Literature
42.378     Asian American Literature

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