College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

College Facilities

Special Facilities

Special facilities of the UMass Lowell College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences include two art galleries, two concert halls, a theater, sound recording technology studios, and graphics design laboratories. The College also houses computer laboratories, music practice rooms, and specialized art studios.

Departmental Facilities

The faculty offices, including those of department chairpersons, are housed in the following locations:

On North Campus:

  1. Economics                          Falmouth Hall
  2. Philosophy                          Olney Hall

On South Campus:

  1. Art                                       McGauvran Hall
  2. Criminology & Justice Studies Mahoney Hall
  3. Cultural Studies                     Coburn Hall
  4. English                                O’Leary Library
  5. History                                Coburn Hall
  6. Music                                  Durgin Hall
  7. Political Science                    Coburn Hall
  8. Psychology                            Mahoney Hall
  9. Econ. & Soc. Dev. Regions       O’Leary Library
  10. Sociology                             Coburn Hall