College of Sciences

Department of Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences offers an atmospheric sciences concentration in the Environmental Studies Master's Program. Developed in close cooperation with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, this program is focused on problems relating to air pollution, mesoscale meteorology, remote sensing and climate dynamics. The Department maintains specialized teaching /research laboratories, and cooperates closely with the Center for Atmospheric Research. Students will find that classes are integrated with laboratory work, field studies, and "hands-on" experiences. 

Enrollment in this program is open to individuals with a baccalaureate degree in sciences, mathematics and engineering. Others may be admitted with the approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator. Such students may make up course prerequisite deficiencies while in the program, although these credits will not count toward the total required for the master’s degree. Frequently, students entering the program are required to take a number of undergraduate courses to develop the analytical skills, and to prepare for the advanced level courses.