Computer Science

Master of Science Degree in Computer Science

 Admissions requirements

Admissions requirements for the MS in CS are designed to ensure that MS candidates enter the program on roughly the same level as our own BS in CS graduates. See CS Graduate Admissions Requirements for details. 

  MS degree requirements for students matriculated Spring 2010 and later (pdf) 
MS degree requirements for students matriculated September 2008 and later (pdf)

 MS degree requirements for students matriculated between September 1997 and August 2008

Each degree candidate will be required to pass, with an average of B or better, and not more than two grades below B, the following minimum number of credits, distributed to include one project and one general area:

Core courses 
91.502 Foundations of CS 
91.503 Algorithms 
91.531 Design of Programming Languages

Project Area 
6 credits (2 courses with programming assignments from the course pairs list)

General Area 
6 credits (2 courses, not necessarily project-related, from the course pairs list)

3 elective courses 
Total: 30 credits

At most one core course can be used to form either a project pair or a general pair of related courses.

See the graduate catalog for course descriptions.

 Master's Thesis

An optional master's thesis can be substituted for at most six credits, and can be used to substitute for one pair of Project- or General-area courses. Students who wish to do a thesis must file a Proposed Thesis Committee form with the Graduate Coordinator prior to beginning work on the thesis.