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Course Numbering System 
Continuing Graduate Research
Course Prefixes

Maximum Semester Credit Limit

The usual course load for full-time graduate students is 9 credits/semester. Depending upon the program requirements and abilities of the student, individuals may carry more than 9 credits each semester. However, the absolute maximum number of total credits  (combined undergraduate and graduate) for which a graduate student will be allowed to register is 18 credits/semester. The maximum number of thesis or dissertation credits for which a student may enroll in any given semester is nine credits.


Numbering System and Designation:

400-499  - Undergraduate courses usually designed for juniors or seniors; no more than six credits may be taken for graduate credit with the permission of the graduate coordinator.
500-599  - Courses for graduate credit, but which may be taken by advanced undergraduates with the advisor's permission.
600-699  - Graduate courses which are open only to graduate students.
700-799  - Seminars, special topic courses, projects, or thesis research for advanced candidates in master's and doctoral degree programs.

Each course offering is designated by a two-digit prefix and a three-digit course number (e.g., 81.529). 

  Continuing Graduate Research

Once a student has completed the required number of credits for master's or doctoral thesis/dissertation research with grades of PR or S (see summary of degree credit requirements), he or she will not be allowed to sign up for additional thesis/dissertation research credits.  Instead, if required for teaching/research assistantships or immigration/visa purposes, the student may enroll in 3, 6, or 9 credits of Continuing Graduate Research designated  _ _763, 766, or 769_ _ _ where the first two blanks represent the departmental designation, 3, 6, and 9 indicate the respective number of credits, and the last three blanks are the standard numbers which code to a particular faculty member in the department.

The two digit college prefix identifies a college department and/or special area. The three-digit course number identifies the course level.

  Course Prefixes

Each college department and/or special subject area has been assigned an identifying two digit number within the numerical ranges specified as follows:

Education - 01-09
Engineering - 10-18 & 20-28
Health - 19 & 29-39
Humanities/Social Sciences, Fine Arts - 40-59, 70-79
Management - 60-69
Science and Math - 80-99
Biomedical Engineering - IB
Marine Science - IM


A graduate student may, upon approval of the advisor and the instructor, register for a course on an audit basis, but must pay the full amount of tuition and fees. An audit student is not required to take tests or the final examination. A change in registration from audit to credit or credit to audit must be done during the add/drop period. Under no circumstances can a course taken for audit be given credit at a later date.