Master's Programs

Master of Science in Innovation and Technological Entreprenueurship (MSITE) Degree Program

From a competitive perspective, the shift from a manufacturing base to a technology-innovation and knowledge-based economy requires new skills among organizational employees. In conversations with executive staff in major companies in the region we have been told repeatedly that the region’s engineers and scientists need to be entrepreneurial. As competition and costs rise, research and development efforts must clearly contribute to business growth and the company bottom line. Thus, companies are looking for technical professionals who can generate new ideas and new businesses.

The goal of the Master of Science in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (MSITE) is to provide engineers, business majors and scientists with the skills and knowledge required to drive innovation in today’s collaborative, global workforce. Using a combination of class work, case work and real-world project activity, students will:

  • Understand and leverage the business opportunities accompanying technology innovation within established companies and through the launch of new ventures.
  • Develop an understanding of technology innovation and entrepreneurship from both an academic and applied perspective.
  • Learn how to appropriately value and finance technology innovations and new ventures.
  • Develop the market research and sales skills necessary to position technology innovations to create competitive advantage.
  • Develop the management skills required to identify, launch and execute innovative products, services and new ventures.
  • Develop an applied understanding of the regulatory and property law issues accompanying the innovation and entrepreneurship processes.
  • Develop the project management and interdisciplinary team skills required to manage in an open collaboration environment.

A graduate of the MSITE program should be prepared to manage innovation in established firms or to launch new technology-oriented ventures.

Program of Study

The MSITE consists of ten courses (30 credits), including 4 core courses (12 credits), 4 elective courses (12 credits, 6 of which must be in Engineering and/or Science) and a 2 course (6 credit) practicum. Each student will participate in the development and delivery of a team capstone project (through the 2 course practicum) which will be reviewed by an external professional panel. Complete course descriptions are available in this document (pdf).

The program is outlined below.

Program Core

12 Credits 
4 courses

  • 64.650 - Innovation & Emerging Technology
  • 62.630 - Market Research for Entrepreneurs
  • 61.640 - Financing Innovation & Tech. Ventures
  • 66.630 - New Product Development

Program Electives

12 Credits 
4 Courses 
(2 Eng. Or Sci.)

  • 66.635 - Project Management or
  • 22.576 - Engineering Project Management
  • 64.655 - Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • 66.640 - Managing Entrepreneurial Teams
  • 26.590 - Intellectual Property
  • 26.537 - Business Law for Engineers

*Special Topics

Additional electives with department approval

Program Capstone

6 Credits 
2 Courses

  • 64.680 - Practicum I New Venture Planning
  • 64.681 - Practicum II New Venture Implementation