Connor Dougherty

Connor Dougherty, Campus Recreation

Connor Dougherty, Campus Recreation

Personal Trainer


NETA Certified Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid Certified

Educational Background

Exercise Physiology Program at UMass Lowell, anticipated graduation, 2014 


What got you interested in fitness and exercise?
I have been a involved in sports my entire life and have always used exercise as a way to not only improve athletic performance, but also to become healthier as a person overall
Why did you want to become a personal trainer at Campus Recreation?
I wanted to bring my unique training style and knowledge of exercise physiology to my friends and classmates here at UMass Lowell.
What is your philosophy on fitness?
My philosophy on fitness is that through the right program and work ethic any goal can be achieved.
What are some of your other hobbies or interests?
My hobbies include powertlifting, researching new innovative ways to exercise, reading the back of shampoo bottles, designing exercise programs and playing Madden 25.

Video Profile

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