UMass Lowell Kayak Center

Kayak Center Mission

The mission of our Summer Kayak Center is to offer educational and recreational kayaking opportunities to the UMass community and greater public. We provide instructional courses for adults and children of all skill levels and offer kayak rentals daily on the Merrimack River. We would love to get you out on the water, feeling confident, and having fun.  

We offer a variety of programs and services including:

Kayak Sales

We provide new kayaks for our rental program each year. At the end of our summer season they are sold to the public.
Kayaks are used during rental and instructional programs from May - August. They are maintained throughout the summer by kayak center staff and experience normal wear and tear due to rental and summer conditions; some typical wear you may see are: scratches on the hull and discolored deck lines due to sun exposure. Such conditions do not significantly affect the integrity of the equipment. All kayaks are sold as-is. 

Advanced Sales will start in Mid-July. Kayaks are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. They may be purchased by clicking the Purchase Now links below, completing a transaction over the phone by credit card (call 978-995-2362) or in-person at the kayak center during open hours. Although kayaks may be purchased in advance, they can be picked up no sooner than the close of our rental season: Monday, September 1, 2014. 

On the day of pick-up, make sure your vehicle is properly fitted with pads or rack to securely carry a kayak, and make sure you bring enough webbing or rope to secure it to that rack and to secure bow and stern lines. 
If you have any questions about a specific kayak, or which kayak may best fit your needs, our staff are available to assist you. We encourage you to come rent with us this summer and try these boats out for yourself, it’s a great fleet! 

Our Kayak Paddles are also available for purchase for $10, 25  or $45 each, depending on style.

Below is information on the kayaks in our rental fleet for this year!

Technical Details
Link to Purchase
Necky Rip-10
Color: Sunrise
Size: Single
Length: 10.5 feet
Recreational sit-inside kayak 
Necky Kayak
$300 Purchase Now!
Pick Up Sept 1
Perception Sport Sound
Color: Camo 
Size: Single
Length: 10.5 feet
Recreational kayak with
molded seat and accessories for fishermen

$301 Purchase Now!
Pick Up Sept 1
Perception Impulse Color: Yellow
Size: Single
Length: 10 feet
This Recreational, sit-inside kayak

$285 Purchase Now!
Pick Up Sept 1
Wilderness Systems Tsunami
Color: Orange, Blue, or Lime 
Size: Single
Length 12.5 feet
This Light Touring style kayak
with many technical features


Purchase Now!
Pick Up Sept 1

Wilderness Systems Pamlico
Color: Red 
Size: Tandem
Length: 14.5 feet
Recreational sit-inside tandem
kayak, adjustable for 1-3 people

Tandem Perception

$500 Purchase Now!
Pick Up Sept 1
Perception Sport Conduit Color: Lime or Blue & White
Size: Tandem
Length: 14 feet

Recreational, sit-inside tandem

kayak adjustable for 1-3 people

$440 Purchase Now!
Pick Up Sept 1