Job Aids & Training

The job aids pages are designed to provide users with access to relevant learning materials. They contain videos, texts, and UPK tutorials that will fully familiarize users with all aspects of e*mpac 9.1 and SUMMIT applications. 

UMass Productivity Kit (UPK)

This is an interactive online training tool that will allow you to learn how to use the e*mpac application from your desktop. These learning tools will be available 24 hours per day and can be viewed from work or home. They will include video demonstrations,  printable job aids, and interactive web tutorials through the UMass Productivity Kit (UPK). Learn more about UPK!

UPK Do It! Mode

With Do It! mode, you are guided through a task while you perform it in the live application. This unique mode makes it possible for you to accomplish real work while you learn. The following job aid will show you the basics about using UPK Do It! Mode.