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Financial Production


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There are a number of different financial business functions performed within the e*mpac Financials application. Depending upon your access and the business function you perform, you may find the following job aids useful.

Training Information

Information will be posted as it becomes available.

Basic Aids

Function Text Resource Interactive
Budget Overview Job Aid
Budget Journal Entry Job Aid
Expenses UPK
Journal Entry Job Aid
Reporting Center Manual (doc) UPK

Advanced Aids

Function Text Resource Interactive
Accounts Payable (AP) Manual (doc) UPK
Accounts Receivable (AR) Manual (doc) UPK
    -AR - Managing the Collections Workbench Job Aid (doc)
Billing (BI) Manual (doc) UPK
    -BI - Billing Worksheet
Job Aid (doc)
    -BI - Amending a Prepaid Contract
Job Aid (doc)
Commitment Control Training Guide (doc) UPK
eProcurement (EPRO) Manual (doc) UPK
    -EPRO - Procard Split distribution Workaround
Job Aid (doc)
    -EPRO - Procard Distribution Template
Job Aid (doc)
Expenses (EX) Training Guide (doc) UPK
General Ledger (GL) Training Guide (doc) UPK
    -GL - Uploading Journals
Job Aid (doc)
    -GL - Submitting a Journal to Workflow
Job Aid (doc)
    -GL - Printing a Journal
Job Aid (doc)
Grants Management (GM) UPK
    -GM - Budget Detail Page
Job Aid (doc)
    -GM - Adding Prepaid Bill Plans to the Contract
Job Aid (doc)
Asset and Property Management (AM) Training Guide (doc) UPK
Project Costing Training Guide (doc) UPK
SpeedType Chart Maintenance Job Aid (pdf)