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40.248 (D, E) Values in American Culture (Also listed as 42.248)
40.257 (D) The Family in American Literature (Also listed as 42.257)
42.201 Great Books of Antiquity
42.205 Great Books of the Modern World
42.205 (D, E) Human Values in Western Culture I (Also listed as 59.205)
42.206 (D, E) Human Values in Western Culture II (Also listed as 59.206)
42.210 Drama
42.211 Poetry 
42.212 Short Story 
42.216  (E) Monsters, Apes, and Nightmares
42.217  Horror Story
42.218  Comedy
42.220  Oral Communication (for CS Majors)
42.222  Oral Communication 
42.232  Turning Fiction into Film
42.236  Science Fiction and Fantasy
42.240  Literature and Women
42.242  The Heroine in Modern Fiction
42.243  (D) Contemporary Women Writers
42.244  Women in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
42.246  (D) Gay and Lesbian Literature
42.248  (D, E) Values in American Culture, (Also listed as 59.248)
42.249  (E) Literature: Tech and Human Values (Also listed as 59.249)
42.250  The Bible as Literature
42.251  (E) War in Literature
42.257  (D) The Family in American Literature (Also listed as 40.257)
42.258  (D, E) Disability in Literature
42.267  Introduction to Shakespeare 
42.272  Continental Fiction
42.274  Literature of the Beat Movement
42.277  American Ethnic Literature
42.278  Literature of the Vietnam War
42.285  (D) Crime and Literature 
42.291  History of English Literature I
42.292  History of English Literature II
42.293  History of English Literature III
42.294  History of American Literature I
42.295  History of American Literature II 
42.296  (D) History of American Literature III
42.298  Children's Literature
42.311  The South in American Literature
42.317  British Literature of the Twentieth Century
42.341  Studies in Film
42.349  Arthurian Literature
42.376  (D) African American Literature
42.382  Theatre History I: Ancient Greece through the 18th Century
42.383  Theatre History II: Nineteenth Century to the Present
THEA 201  Introduction to Theatre (Previously listed as 42.219 and 59.219)
THEA.261  Acting I (Previously listed as 42.261 and 59.261)
THEA.262  Acting II (Previously listed as 42.262 and 59.262)

43.101  Classical Civilization
43.105  (D) Western Civilization I
43.106  (D) Modern World
43.107  (D) World Civilization I
43.108  (D) World Civilization II 
43.111  (D) United States to 1877
43.112  (D) US History since 1877
43.200  Early Christianity: The First Centuries
43.206  (D) American Economic History
43.211  Historical Dimensions of Globalization
43.212  (D) Modern Latin America
43.223  England to 1660
43.224  English History Since 1660
43.227  (D) The Middle Ages
43.228  Women in European History
43.231  Renaissance & Reformation
43.274  (D) Native American History
43.275  (D) African American History
43.281  (D) Sub-Saharan Africa
43.304  European Social and Economic History
43.308  (D) History of Crime and Social Control
43.311  History of Science I
43.312  Science and the Modern World
43.316  American Environmental History
43.348  Making a Historical Documentary 
43.336  (D) Problems of Modern Ireland
43.339  Nationalism: The State and Human Rights in Modern Europe Since 1800
43.345  (D) Slavery and Abolition
43.347  History of Documentary Film
43.349  (D) The Cuban Revolution
43.350  (D) Colonial America: History and Culture
43.376   Irish History in Film

45.201  (E) Introduction to Philosophy
45.202  Introduction to Logic and Critical Reasoning
45.203  (D, E) Introduction to Ethics
45.206  (E) Introduction to Political Philosophy
45.216  (E) Plato and Beginning of Philosophy 
45.285  (E) Ancient Philosophy
45.296  (D) Introduction to World Religions
45.301  Ways of Knowing
45.304  (D) God and Philosophy,
45.305  Language, Signs and Symbols
45.313  American Philosophy
45.314  Philosophy of the Gothic Imagination
45.316  Philosophy and Film
45.327  (D, E) Environmental Philosophy
45.334  (E) Engineering and Ethics
45.335  (E) Ethical Issues in Technology
45.336  (E) Early Modern Philosophy
45.337  Science and the Meaning of Nature
45.340  (D, E) Mysticism: East and West
45.341  (E) Science, Ethics, and Society
45.342  (E) Critical Theory & Society
45.347  Greek Tragety and Philosophy 
45.348  (D, E) Eastern Philosophy and Religion
45.350  (D, E) World Philosophies
45.351  (D, E) Problem of Evil
45.352  (E) Existence and Anxiety
45.360  (D) The Goddess in World Religions
45.361  Equality, Justice, and the Law (Also listed as 44.361)
45.371  (D, E) Buddhist and Zen Philosophy
45.384  Philosophies of Art and Beauty
45.401  (E) Bioethics and Genetic Research

50.375  (D) Gender and Sexuality in French Cinema
50.376  (D) French Cinema and Society
50.378  (D) Images of Women in French Cinema 
52.325  (D) Italian American Literature and Culture
52.373  (DE) Italian Humanism
52.378  Italian Cinema and Culture
53.237  (D) Portuguese Literature in Translation
53.300  Modern Chinese Literature and Culture

58.101  (D) Art Appreciation
58.105  Comparative Arts (Also listed as 59.105)
58.203  (D) History of Art: Prehistoric to Medieval Art
58.204  (D) History of Art: Renaissance to Modern Art
58.205  Studies of World Art
58.206  History of Architecture
58.211  Nineteenth Century Art
58.221  Twentieth Century Art
58.225  History of Picturing
58.231  Greek and Roman Art and Architecture
58.241  Medieval Art
58.308  Art, Science, and Technology (Also listed as 59.328) 
58.313  American Art
58.314  American Architure 
58.321  Italian Renaissance Art
58.323  Northern Renaissance Art
58.325  Studies in Latin American Art
58.330  Italian Mannerism
58.332  Baroque Art in Italy
58.340  Women and Art
58.345  Pre-Raphaelite Art
58.350  Postmodernism (Contemporary Art)
58.352  Critical Issues in Art History
58.370  Art History and Film

70.100  Artbotics (also listed as 91.117)
70.101  Art Concepts
70.105  Tangible Interaction Design (also listed as 91.119)
70.108  Introduction to App Design and Mobile Computing (also listed as 91.108)
70.255  Drawing - Introduction to Form and Space

71.110  Basic Music Theory
73.212  Sound Thinking (also listed as 91.212)
74.103  (D) Gender Issues in Music
74.161  Music in Western Civilization
74.261  Music History I
74.262  Music History II
74.301  (D) American Music
74.320  (D) African-American Concert Music
74.355  (D) Jazz
74.386  (D) History of Rock Music
74.356  (D) American Musical Theater
78.301  Music, Technology and Society
78.401  Music of the Beatles

59.105  Comparative Arts (Also listed as 58.105)
59.111  (D) Foundations in Cultural Studies
59.205  (D, E) Human Values in Western Culture I  (Also listed as 42.205)
59.206  (D, E) Human Values in Western Culture II (Also listed as 42.206)
59.211  Nineteenth Century Art
59.219  Introduction to Theatre (no longer offered, replaced by THEA.201)
59.249  (E) Literature: Technology  and Human Values (no longer offered, replaced by 42.249)
59.261  Acting I (no longer offered, replaced by THEA.261)
59.262  Acting II (no longer offered, replaced by THEA.262)
59.303  (E) Society & Technology
59.328  Art, Science, and Technology 
59.331  Greek and Roman Art
59.374  Cinema Across Cultures
59.395  (E) Computers in Society
GNDR.240 (DE) Introduction to Gender Studies
HON.110 First Year Seminar in Honors: Text and the City
UTL.204  (AH) Perspectives on Math and Science