Science & Technology

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No more than one technology (TN) or technology and lab (TNL) course may be used to satisfy this standard.

At least two of the three Science and Technology courses must include the corresponding lab.

No more than two courses can be from any one department (note: some departments have multiple prefixes).

SCL or TNL: Lab is co-requisite; students must take both lecture and lab to satisfy the general education standard.

SCLO or TNLO: Students may take lecture and corresponding lab together to satisfy SCL standard or lecture without the lab for SC credit.

Note: A combination of three SCL/TNL courses can be used to satisfy the Science and Technology standard, however all three courses have to be completed with the corresponding labs. 

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10.101   (TN)   Technology and the Human-Built World
16.111   (TNL) Digital Information World
16.233   (TNL) Principles and History of Radio
17.272   (TN)  Introduction to Alternative Energy
90.100   (TN)   Media Computing
90.160*  (TN)   Introduction to Information Systems for TN
91.108   (TNL) Introduction to App Design and Mobile Computing (Also listed as 70.108)
91.117   (TNL) Artbotics (Also listed as 70.100)
91.119   (TNL) Tangible Interaction Design (Also listed as 70.105)
91.212   (TN)    Sound Thinking (Also listed as 73.212)

*Note: for Continuing Education & Corporate Education students only